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Kinder Castle PlayCafe Online

We are a locally-owned toy store in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. We believe in traditional play and offer a wide selection of children's toys, games, party supplies, and puzzles that promote interactive fun for the entire family. 

Kinder Castle is owned by Lynn Howse and Kayla Busse, two moms who realized that the city needed more than box stores; it needed an experience for families: an interactive toy store where children could play and parents could learn with them.

Kinder Castle started out as just a toy store and became so much more when we started offering 'Crafternoons', Sign Language classes, birthday parties, movie nights, Tween Dances, and so much more. Our science and crafting labs are highly popular weekend events that bring several families in to learn about things like slime, science, and art! 

Most of our products are right here for you to look at, purchase, and send to yourself, or as a gift to somebody else. We are available via email or phone (Don't worry, one of us will respond, we promise!!) to answer any questions you might have for us (you can find our information in the 'about us' section on the left-hand side or down below!) 

Our party supplies aren't all up yet, so if you find a lot of blank pages, we apologize. The themes are (mostly) all there, so if there's something you're looking for, please let us know! The same goes for toys, we need feedback from you to know what we should carry :) 

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95 Mount Bernard Avenue, Suite 215

Valley Mall

Mon - Tues, 9:30am - 5pm
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About Us

We aim to provide a dedicated, local store where parents, teachers, and educators can source materials for classrooms, day cares, and home, that will encourage traditional childhood play. 

Who We Are
We are two moms who want to provide a toy store in Corner Brook that will allow families to come together and play. We source high-quality toys from well-known brands like Melissa and Doug, Educational Insights, Learning Resources, fdmt, Playwell, and more!

Our Mission
 To provide a family-friendly and inclusive place to explore new toys.

Our Values
Education: Provide traditional childhood play that is educational and follows a STEAM structure

Safety: A safe learning environment that is clean, inclusive, and fair

Integrity: Honest, trustworthy ambassadors who are skilled in areas of education, communication, and morality

Accountability: To our policies, our customers, our community, and to our partners

Contact us

709 388 8697